Fines, Fees and Charges
  • Items coming from other libraries may have different fines or rules. 
  • Borrowing privileges will be suspended if $20.00 or more is owed. 
  • Computer privileges will be suspended if $100.00 or more is owed.
  • Late fees/fines for Senior Citizens (Age 62 & over) are waived except for NEW ITEMS & ITEMS PROVIDED FROM OTHER LIBRARIES.

Late Charges for Materials  
DVDs, BluRays, Video Games, Launchpads $1.00 / day (Max. fine $10.00)
Other items from adult collection $0.10 / day
Other items from children's collection $0.05 / day
Museum Passes $10.00 / day (Maximum $30.00)
Lost or Damaged Material Charges  
Paperbacks and magazines $5.00
CD or DVD case $2.00
Library Card $1.00
Video game and/or Booklet Full replacement cost of game
CD and/or Booklet Full replacement cost of CD
Hardcover Books Full replacement cost of book
Launchpads, Museum Passes Full replacement cost of item
Fax, Copying & Printing Charges  
Faxes $0.25 per page
Photocopies: color / B&W $0.25 / $0.10 per page
Printing from Public Computers: color / B&W $0.25 / $0.10 per page
Wireless (Cloud) Printing $0.25 per page
Program Fees  
All Programming fees See current Newsletter for individual program costs
Other Fees  
4 GB Flash Drive $5.00
Headphones $1.00
Tote bag $5.00
Umbrella $10.00
After Hours Use of Library Meeting Rooms / Areas  
By Not-for-Profits $25.00 / hour
For-Profit Use of Auditorium $300.00 / 3 hours
For-Profit Use of Main Meeting Room $150.00 / 3 Hours
For-Profit Use of Conference Room $75.00 / 3 hours
For-Profit Use of Community Meeting Room (Station) $200.00 / 3 hours


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