Before reporting a technical problem take a few minutes to go through the checklist items. This may help you solve your problem and save you some time. Go ahead, try to answer the questions and you might be amazed at the results.

1. Check Connections - Check all power connections to the power outlet or surge protector. Check the back of the machine for securely connected cables for the power, video, mouse, keyboard, Ethernet cables, etc. Check Ethernet cable connection to the wall outlet.  Misbehaving scanners can often be corrected by disconnecting and reseating their USB cable connection cable.

2. Power - Confirm that the computer (or printer) is on.

3. Reboot - Shutdown the system. Wait 30 seconds and restart.

4. Valid Passwords - Confirm that you are logged into the network using a valid network account id and password.

5. Software - Check other applications to determine if they are working properly. Does the problem happen in just one program or is it fairly random?

6. Internet - If the problem is with the Internet, try several other Web sites outside of the library's home page. is a good place to start.

7. Colleagues - Check with other users near you to determine if they are experiencing the same problem. If so, coordinate with your colleagues so that only one person creates the trouble ticket.

8. Operating System - If the problem appears to be with the operating system, save all data immediately.

9. Error Message - If you receive an error message, write the exact message down on paper and include it on your trouble ticket.

10. Last Function - Make a note of the last function or operation that you completed before the system malfunctioned.

One more for good luck!

11. Detailed Information - When you report the problem, please provide the building (main or branch), time of the occurrence, first and last name, a detailed description of the problem and another person to contact in case you are not in your office when we investigate the problem.